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A cataract is a clouding of the eye’s lens. Our eyes work much like a camera, and the lens of our eye (like a camera lens) allows light rays to travel into our eye through the pupil . These light rays are focused through the lens onto the retina, a layer of light-sensitive cells at the back of the eye. The lens must be clear in order to focus light properly onto the retina.

As we age, the lens continues to grow layers on its surface and hardens. As proteins in the lens become cloudy in some areas, light is prevented from passing clearly through the eye. Often vision with a cataract is described as blurry, cloudy, dim and things may not be as colorful or vibrant as they used to be.

Treatment Information

Our physicians are able to diagnose cataracts during a complete eye exam and will discuss your options with you.  A cataract may not need to be removed right away if your lifestyle isn’t significantly affected. However, when a cataract causes bothersome vision problems that interfere with your daily activities, our ophthalmologists may discuss cataract surgery with you.

Today, cataract surgery is a simple and quick procedure during which your eye’s cloudy natural lens is removed and replaced with a clear artificial lens implant (called an intraocular lens or IOL).  Cataract surgery is an outpatient procedure and recovery is simple and swift.

There are many new developments and options when it comes to making your intraocular lens decision. Please click here for more information on Premium IOL’s and to find out which may be the best fit for you.