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Eye Exams

Routine and comprehensive eye exams are the key to preventing common eye diseases. By checking the overall health of your eyes on a routine basis, our physicians are able to detect any changes in your eye health and take necessary steps to prevent vision loss. 

What to Expect During Your Comprehensive Eye Exam:

For comprehensive eye exams, eyes are dilated with dilating eye drops. Patients are reminded that their vision may be slightly blurry and light-sensitive after the dilation period so please make sure you have someone to drive you and bring sunglasses with you (we have extras here in case you forget yours!). This is done so that our ophthalmologists can see all parts of your eye and to determine the overall health of your eye.

Your eye exam may take from half an hour to an hour. It will evaluate both your vision and the health of your eyes through testing of clarity of vision,visual field, eye muscle movement, pupillary reactions, and more.